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Skip Bin Questions

  • Working out the right size bin for your next clean up is easy with our quick calculator.  Just enter the height and width of your pile or rubble below and we\’ll let you know the volume.

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    Another approach is to make an estimate as to the number of level 6×4 trailers you\’d need to take your rubbish to the tip…

    5m3 Skip Bin


    8m3 Skip Bin


    9m3 Skip Bin

    We currently offer three different skip sizes to our customers in Bunbury, Donnybrook, Collie, Boyup Brook, Nannup and Bridgetown. These are 5, 8 and 9 cubic metres.

  • Based on our experience over the past 10 years, we’ve found that the most common jobs people need a skip bin for are:

    • Spring cleaning and decluttering
    • Backyard Blitz 
    • Bathroom renovation
    • Kitchen renovation
    • Moving house
    • Rental cleanups
    • Deceased estate

    For most of these kinds of jobs the easiest way to work out which size skip bin you need is to think in terms of the number of trailer loads you would expect to take to the tip.  The above diagrams provide a comparison of two of the different size skips.

    Excavation project

    multiply the length x width x depth to get the volume of soil to be excavated then multiply again by 1.3 to allow for packing inefficiency. Note: soil tends to weight in order of 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre.

    Demolished brickwork or concrete

    multiply length * width * depth to get the volume demolished then multiply again by 1.5 to allow for packing inefficiency. Note: brickwork and concrete tend to weight in order of 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre.

    Still not sure of the size for you?

    When you\’re not sure as to which size you need, it is generally cheaper to err on the larger side as the cost of having two small skips delivered is always more than one large one.

    You’ll also need to think about accessibility and storage issues like the size of the area where you will put the skip and the width of the truck relative to your driveway.

    Please note, these estimates are based on our experience but are only a guide and you are responsible for the selecting of the most appropriate skips size for job.

  • What is the standard hire period?
    7 nights and 6 days. This means a delivery requested for Tuesday, will be collected on the following Monday, or a Friday delivery will be collected on the following Thursday etc. To sneak in a bonus day, order your skip for a Monday, with pick up the following Sunday, knowing that we\’ll collect Monday as our trucks are not usually operating on weekends or public holidays. Of course, you can have your skip longer, at a fee of $25 per week or part thereof. Just select your preferred dates on our online booking form and our calculator will account for any additional hire.

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    • You can pay online with your choice of credit or debit cards, we can also accept credit card payments over the phone.  When you order and pay online we also offer a $10 discount.

    • Direct Deposit payments can be made but Hastie Waste must be emailed a copy of the transfer receipt prior to delivery of your skip

    • Accounts can be set up for builders and trades subject to satisfaction of our Credit Application and agreement to our terms of trade

  • If you request a specific delivery time , we will do our best to accommodate. Please remember, we make many deliveries and collections, every day, all over the South West and although we are often in many places at the same time, it\’s not always possible to be at your place in 10 minutes. If you want your skip for an early start one morning, book it for the day before so it\’s ready to fill, when you\’re ready to go. This way, you won\’t be looking up the road continually, waiting for your skip.

    Our drivers start early, with a long list of jobs, and generally finish at 3pm. Therefore, most requests will need to suit this timeframe.

  • We offer deliveries Monday to Friday.  We will always try to accommodate your booking on the same day as long as you do so before a truck is sent on its run to your area. If you\’re in doubt then please give us a call.

  • You might not have ordered a bin with a ramp, though most of our bins come with a ramp anyway. Here\’s a short video showing you how to open the door on one of our bins. Please note that not all designs are the same.

  • Skip bins can be filled to the fill line, painted on the side of the skip.  If the bin is overfilled the driver may remove some of the waste to make it safe for transport.  In the event that he can not remove the materials to make it safe, the bin will be left at your premises and you will need to ensure the bin is only filled to the \”fill line\”.  Extra costs may apply.

  • As the customer you are responsible for the skip and what goes in it, while it is in your possession. As such, you’ll be responsible for any costs incurred if anyone puts something in the skip that is not allowed or overloads it.

  • NO!

    We have a special HaziBag available to collect Asbestos in.  If you want to dispose of Asbestos please order one of these during the checkout.

    Asbestos can be found in many materials in houses built up until the late 1980s. If in doubt as to whether or not a material might contain asbestos, please consult an expert before placing it in a skip. If you have to remove asbestos then make sure you get in contact with your local government agency in Bunbury, Harvey, Collie, Dardanup, Donnybrook-Balingup or Bridgetown to find out the safest and best way of doing this.

    <strong>Please note: If asbestos is found in the skip after it has been tipped either at landfill or at a transfer station, high decontamination costs, and possibly very heavy fines may be imposed. The customer will be responsible for the payment of all costs immediately.</strong>

  • Yes we do dispose of tyres in our skip, but these do attract an additional charge. Please make sure you let us know how many you think you\’ll be disposing of when you complete your order.

  • We can\’t move our skip bins off your site of you\’ve placed any dangerous goods in it. This includes any of the following things:

    • Gas bottles
    • Liquid waste (Oil, Thinners, Paint, Sewerage etc)
    • Explosives or flammable items (thinners, paint etc)
    • Asbestos
    • Wet cement as this sticks to the bin
    • Lastly please no fires in the bin

    Tyres incur extra charges as do fridges/freezers etc that have not been certified \”De-Gassed\”

  • You can always put a skip within your own property subject to space requirements, but if you need to put the skip on the road or verge, then a set of different rules apply, in this instance it is best to speak with your shire office. Our skip trucks load and unload their skip bins from the rear, using two parallel hoists . Therefore there are limitations as to where we can place your skip.

    Please do not relocate the skip once it has been delivered, as you may find we can not load it when we return to collect it.  This could result in significant additional work or cost for you.