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Balingup Transfer Station

Site address; 27130 South West Hwy, Balingup WA 6253

Opening Times

Saturday7:00am – 1:00pm
Sunday11:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 12:00noon
Thursday2:00pm – 5:00pm

Shire of Donnybrook Fees & Charges

* Valid vouchers for domestic waste disposal must be presented upon entry to the facility. All Ratepayers will be provided with a tip pass entitling them to free disposal of up to four (4) cubic metres of standard household refuse, greenwaste or other waste approved for tip pass use.
* Tip passes are not valid for all waste products and disposal of certain items will incur a fee as per the Shire’s adopted fees and charges.
* Certain products are not permitted for disposal at the Balingup Waste Transfer Station and will need to be taken to the Donnybrook Facility.
* Ratepayers without a bin collection service shall be entitled to a tip pass providing for 52 x 240-litre waste disposal coupons.
* Lost or additional tip passes will not be replaced, however, replacement passes can be purchased for $160.00 (plus GST).
* The gate attendant will determine charges for waste not subject to tip pass use in accordance with the Shire’s adopted fees and charges.
* The decision of the gate attendant in determining the required charge is final.

Putrescible and Household Waste  
0.25m³ or 240L BinTip Pass – 1 punch$11.00
1m³ or 4 x 240L Bins / 6 x 4 Single Axle TrailerTip Pass – 4 punches$44.00
Per additional m³Tip Pass – 4 punches$44.00
Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste  
Domestic – Uncontaminated / m³ (BTWS  – 1m³ max)Tip Pass – 3 punches$33.00
Domestic – Contaminated / m³ (BTWS – 1m³ max)Tip Pass – 4 punches$44.00
Commercial – Uncontaminated / per m³ (DWMF Only)Tip pass not applicable$33.00
Commercial – Contaminated / per m³ (DWMF Only)Tip Pass not applicable$44.00
Greenwaste and Timber  
Domestic – Uncontaminated less than 300mm in diameter per m³Tip Pass 1 punch$11.00
Domestic – Logs / stumps / timber – greater than 300mm in diameter per m³Tip Pass – 2 punches$22.00
Commercial – Uncontaminated – Ute / TrailerTip pass not applicable$11.00
Commercial – Uncontaminated / per individual truck trailerTip pass not applicable$50.00
Commercial – Contaminated / per individual truck trailerTip pass not applicable$100.00
Pallets / per itemTip pass not applicable$2.00
Recyclable Cardboard  
Domestic – Uncontaminated / per m³Tip Pass -1 punch$11.00
Commercial – Uncontaminated / per m³Tip pass not applicable$11.00
Domestic Co-mingled Recycling  
0.25m³ or 240L BinTIP PASS 1 punch$11.00
1m³ or 4 x 240L Bins / 6 x 4 Single Axle TrailerTIP PASS 2 punches$22.00
Per additional m³TIP PASS 2 punches$22.00
Commercial / per m³Tip pass not applicable$22.00
Empty Chemical Drums  
Less than 20L / per drumTip pass not applicable$2.00
Greater than 20L / per drumTip pass not applicable$5.00
Cooking and Motor Oil  
Per litreTip pass not applicable$0.30
Asbestos (DWMF Only)  
Quantities up to 0.01m3Tip pass not applicable$22.00
0.01m3 – 0.5m3  (maximum amount accepted)Tip pass not applicable$66.00
Vehicle Bodies (DWMF Only)  
Per vehicleTip pass not applicable$22.00
Car or motorcycle / per tyreTip pass not applicable$7.50
4×4 / per tyreTip pass not applicable$15.00
Truck / per tyreTip pass not applicable$30.00
Tractor or Heavy Machinery (DWMF only) / per tyreTip pass not applicable$150.00
White Goods  
Refrigerator (certified degassed)Tip pass not applicable$5.50
Refrigerator (not degassed)Tip pass not applicable$11.00
Dishwasher / Washing Machine / Dryer / Air Conditioning UnitTip pass not applicable$5.50
Empty Gas Bottles  
Up to 9kgTip pass not applicable$5.50
Greater than 9kgTip pass not applicable$11.00
Electronic Waste (E-Waste)  
Printer cartridgeTip pass not applicable$2.00
Electronic item (other than TV) / per itemTip pass not applicable$5.50
TV / per itemTip pass not applicable$11.00
Scrap Metal including Wire  
Domestic – 1m3 or 4 x 240L Bins /
6×4 Single Axle Trailer
2 punches$22.00
Commercial- 1m3 or 4 x 240L Bins /
6×4 Single Axle Trailer
Tip pass not applicable$22.00
Truck Trailer / per individual trailerTip pass not applicable$50.00
Per ItemTip pass not applicable$5.50
Per ItemTip pass not applicable$22.00
Household Batteries No Charge
Light Vehicle BatteriesTip pass not applicable$3.00
Heavy Vehicle BatteriesTip pass not applicable$5.00
Per ContainerTip pass not applicable$2.00
Fluorescent Tubes  
Per tubeTip pass not applicable$1.00
Animal Products (DWMF Only)  
Poultry / per animalTip pass not applicable$2.00
Small animal carcass (less than 50kg) / per animalTip pass not applicable$20.00
Large animal carcass (greater than 50kg) / per animalTip pass not applicable$50.00
Animal by Products / per 0.25m3Tip pass not applicable$11.00