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Waste Management Sites

Hastie Waste manages the Donnybrook and the Balingup Waste Management Facilities where we recover resources such as aluminium cans, milk bottles, newspaper and cardboard (in partnership with the Donnybrook Lions Club), steel, batteries and non-ferrous metals are extracted from the waste stream along with saleable items that are recycled through our “Tip Shop”.

All the waste in our community has to go somewhere and generally that is to a licensed Department of Environment Regulation waste management facility.  You’ve probably known these places as Rubbish Tips, Rubbish Dumps or simply the Tip or Dump.

Nowadays the traditional practice of burying everything in a big hole, are changing quickly and a large focus is concentrated on Resource Recovery – removing the recyclables from the waste stream, prior to burial.

Accordingly, the powers that be have come up with a new name for the old Dump – Waste Management Facility. Sounds like dressing mutton up as lamb, but in reality better describes what we do at these sites. We manage and separate the products that come in, and only what’s left over goes to landfill.

The facility is located are located at 3293 Goodwood Road, Donnybrook and 21370 South west Hwy, Balingup and are both managed under contract to the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup.

Greenwaste is collected and processed into mulch which is available for purchase for a small fee. The quality of the product will improve as people come to understand that contaminating the greenwaste with sand, steel and plastic bags doesn’t help.

Other items collected for recycling are e-waste and used oil.

Residents are asked to sort their waste as much as possible, so that as little waste as possible ends up in landfill and thus shorten the life of the site.